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The One Eyebrowed Fraud: Colin Kaepernick is Overrated

The One Eyebrowed Fraud: Colin Kaepernick is Overrated

Colin Kaepernick

Last week’s pathetic performance against the Seattle Seahawks once again proved that Colin Kaepernick is the biggest choke artist quarterback since Dan Marino. Listen up San Francisco 49ers fans, Colin Kaepernick does not have the mental or physical fortitude to win big games for the 49ers. When the 49ers’ quest for six turns into a multi-decade journey, every member of the bandwagon club AKA 49ers empi….I mean the faithful, will regret the day that Jim Harbaugh got rid of Alex Smith.

Even a skeptic like me has to admit that Kaepernick is blessed with a rocket arm and spectacular speed but that means nothing if you have the heart of Glen Coffee. I’m sure 49ers fans still remember Kaepernick’s three incomplete passes in a row to Michael Crabtree in the Super Bowl, there is a reason for that, Kaepernick is too slow to find his check-down receiver. Look at the Seahawks game last week, Kaepernick got shut down because Boldin got locked down like the prom queen at every High School.

In typical 49ers fashion, Kaepernick has been hyped as the next Steve Young and Joe Montana after only 12 career starts. The 49ers faithful would be lucky if Kaepernick is the next Jeff Garcia! What is even more infuriating is Kaepernick believes the absurd hype that the 49ers fans have thrown his way. Hopefully, Kaepernick saves a couple of spots for the giant words, BUST and OVERRATED, to get tattooed on his body.

Who does Kaepernick think he is? What other player would have the nerve to pose nude as sqiduard from Sponge Bob Square pants in a bunch of different magazines. Get a grip Kaep, you should be studying the playbook and trying to please the epileptic Harbaugh instead of posing as a nude cartoon character on magazines.


If I were a 49ers fan (Thank the lord that I am not) I would be infuriated that the fraud named Kaepernick wore a Miami Dolphins hat this off-season. It does make sense for Kaep to wear the Dolphins paraphernalia but sorry Kaepernick you are nowhere near Dan Marino talent wise. Kaepernick has the championship fortitude of Marino but the skills of the Jewish giant Jay Fiedler.

When we look back at this era of football, no one will remember the mediocre quarterback named Kaepernick except the throngs of bitter 49ers fans. The great Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck and Terrelle Pryor will resonate with our grandchildren. For 49ers fans, Kaepernick will be another mistake just like Giovani Carmozzi and Tim Rattay.


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  1. garbage article

  2. Malk who the fuck taught you about football? A drunken monkey? You are the worst football journalist of all time!!! With the crap you write you must be a lonely SOB…no talent, no knowledge, MALK!!!

    P.S. Jump off a bridge

  3. well, you know what they say about opinions and assholes, everyone’s got one.
    Nice to see the photo shopped pic up there. Just another ahole seagull fan spouting off some drivel. We’ll see. Time will tell. Rest assured, when the seagulls get bumped out of the playoffs, I’ll be smiling and very very happy. Actually, the closer you get, then fail, would be even better. One bad game, and the long knives come out. typical. your alcohol abuse problem is showing.

  4. Terrelle Pryor ????? Really, well I smell a Raiders fan in the water. You are a Dhole, you should take Don’s p.s. and jump off a bridge( The one that hangs over the Bay)

  5. did he really just call Terelle Pryor great?
    where does this guy get this shit from? first of all, Kaepernick’s first ever start was a primetime game against the Bears. who, have a great defense themselves. and he shredded them. three incomplete passes to Crab in the super bowl? how about a missed holding call in the endzone, that clinched the game for the Ravens. that last ball was perfectly placed, if Crab had been able to complete his route. Kaep’s had some troubles in Seattle, that’s true. but, he’s done nothing since he’s become the starter to think he’s a bust. this guy’s a jackass!

  6. As I read this I kept thinking, “He must be joking, right?” So…this isn’t an Onion piece?

    Because, yeah, only 12 starts. One of them was the NFC championship game last year, and he won it. He was one play away from winning the superbowl in his…9th start?

    I’m sure you’ll get some good traffic but this is a joke.

  7. MALK is a pure jack ass .He is hating on Kap something fierce. He doesn’t sound like a knowledgeable rational thinking “analytical” mind …. no , he sounds like he is driven by spite . I will have zero respect for his comments going forward !!

  8. Ummm lets revisit all your comments dont tell me that naked running qb of yours isnt overrated yet?!? Freaking alex smith has slightly better stats! Hes to damn worried of his swag then learning how to get past his first read….! LMAO

  9. On a new team, and his 8th playbook, Smith had more TD’s, more yards, more completions, higher completion% and less INT’s than Kap, and Kap has had the same playbook for 3 years!
    People call Smith Captain checkdown because he routinely finds the open man when his Wr’s are covered (The west coast offense). Kap needs to learn how to become more like Cpt. checkdown or he is NEVER going to win a SB. Smith would have won the SB last year and he would have won last night. Alex doesn’t make those mistakes, and he certainly wouldn’t have thrown to the same diva WR so many times in a row. Kap is a RB that throws, just like Vick.

    Smith>Kap all day long!

  10. 100% true! Love the egotistical 49 fan comments too!

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