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A’s Playoff Game May Give the Raiders Another Prime-time Matchup

A’s Playoff Game May Give the Raiders Another Prime-time Matchup


Note: nothing has been officially stated by the NFL yet about when/if the game would be moved. This is just using NFL history to predict what’s going to happen in a unique circumstance.

Round 1 of the MLB vs. NFL this season took place with the defending Super Bowl champions. Instead of getting to open their season at home on the first Wednesday of the season, which had been tradition in the NFL for the past few seasons, the Ravens were forced to open the season in Denver against Peyton Manning. It’s safe to say that the Ravens didn’t really open the season the way that they wanted to. The Orioles got their home game and are continuing their successful season, but the NFL presumably didn’t want one of their matchups being messed with again.

Not even a few weeks later, the same situation has arose on the opposite side of the country. The Oakland A’s have a six-and-a-half game lead in their division and could have a home game on October 5th, one that likely will be sold out because it would mean the A’s are either a first- or second-seed in the playoffs. On the 6th, the Raiders and Chargers were set to square off…in Oakland. The league originally toyed with the idea of swapping home games with the Chargers, but they has seemed to back down from that idea.¬†Assuming the A’s make the playoffs at one of these seeds, where does this leave the Raiders?

Nobody is really certain, but there are plans being made to delay kickoff, whether that is Sunday night or Monday evening. Assuming the A’s have a home game, it seems like it would be difficult to get the field into playing condition for a football team within one day, so a Monday matchup seems more likely to me. There also has been recent precedent for Tuesday Night Football, which would give fans four days of football to watch across five days (man, how awesome that would be). While this news is unfortunate to people that were planning on traveling for the game, it should be exciting news for anyone planning on watching a lot of football this weekend. This conflict could prove to be great for Raiders fans, as it would give the team an opportunity to play yet another game in front of a national audience. It’s great for Oakland, who desperately needs some exposure to get a new stadium going for both teams.

Raiders fans everywhere should be rooting for their green-and-yellow stadium-mates to keep their pace, since this is the one instance where both sports seem to benefit from this issue.

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