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49ers: Legal Issues Surrounding Aldon Smith

49ers: Legal Issues Surrounding Aldon Smith



The San Francisco 49ers outside linebacker Aldon Smith is known for always making a big defensive play on the field. What the people don’t know is what kind of “play” he makes off the field?

According to San Jose Mercury news, Aldon Smith and (former 49er teammate) Delanie Walker were both filed for two civil lawsuits in regards to “firing illegal weapons, brandishing handguns, having a party where two people were injured, and for inviting gang members to the actual disclosed event”. The shoot-out took place at Smith’s “8,000 square-foot establishment” in the foothills of east San Jose. Plaintiffs Ronndale Esporias and Aaron Reyes were the two individuals who got shot during the initial gunfire. Esporias and Reyes both stated that they both received “catastrophic and permanent injuries”, after what transpired during Smith’s party. Smith’s attorney Matthew Conant notoriously explained how Esporias knew beforehand “the dangers and risks he would be undertaking”, if he attended the soiree. It has still not been proven that Smith or Walker were the confirmed individuals who inflicted these “life-threatening” injuries to the following accusers.

Every year there is always an NFL player with some type of legal issue, whether that may be DUI charges, marijuana possession, public intoxication, assault, domestic violence, and etc. These players are supposed to be setting an example for young teenagers who are interested in becoming a future NFL superstar. NFL players are celebrity role models who should motivate athletic youngsters to study and stay in school. Imagine what kind of message the NFL is sending to these young adolescents if all they see on the news is them going through a line of legal charges. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell did implement a strict “conduct policy” that would help players control their public behavior off the field. However, this procedure was started three years ago in 2010, with lawsuits still stockpiling year after year it is apparent that the policy must be upgraded or tweaked to some extent.

The litigation process for this lawsuit may take months to eventually a year to complete. If Santa Clara’s District Attorney decides to prosecute Smith for his misdemeanor or so called “felony”, who will fill in his void during the regular season? The outside linebacker depth for the 49ers is fairly decent, considering that we have both Corey Lemonier and Dan Skuta being one hundred percent ready to take the helm, if needed. Given the fact that the 49er roster is loaded with so much potential and talent, especially at linebacker; they had to give up (OLB) Cam Johnson to the Indianapolis Colts and (LB) Parys Haralson to the New Orleans Saints. Can Skuta and Lemonier offer as much pressure as Smith does brilliantly on the outside of the line of scrimmage?

Aldon Smith recorded 19.5 sacks in his 2012 season with the Niners, an irreplaceable player on the defensive front seven. Predominantly, he is the reason why the 49ers have such an astounding pass-rush reputation. Without Smith’s presence on the field, the 49ers solid defense could be heading into a negative downward spiral.

Do you think Smith’s attorney can get him out of this sticky situation?



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