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King Crab, Manningham: Please Get Well Soon!

King Crab, Manningham: Please Get Well Soon!


Clearly, the San Francisco 49ers wide receiving depth is in dire need of improvement after Sunday’s performance against the Seattle Seahawks. Seattle’s defensive secondary shut down the 49ers passing attack completely, only allowing a total of 127 passing yards from Colin Kaepernick. Kyle Williams made a couple catches here and there, but the rest of the 49ers’ receiving core struggled to make any significant plays against Pete Carroll’s sticky defense. Anquan Boldin only caught one pass for a scanty 7 yards with only 9:40 left in the 4th quarter, before the game ended. Quinton Patton, Marlon Moore, and Jon Baldwin really have to step up the production in the backfield. Frankly, there is no potential threat on the 49ers’ receiving roster that can bully any team’s secondary; except veterans Vernon Davis and Anquan Boldin. The 49ers are known for having a dynamic offense and an intimidating defense that can torment many opposing teams across the league. Defensively, the 49ers are doing extremely well protecting their red zone, however, their offense is a completely different story. That being said, with Michael Crabtree and Mario Manningham still going through serious rehabilitation, Boldin could really use some assistance on the field ASAP.

King Crab recorded 1,105 receiving yards, 22 3rd down conversions, 57 first downs,  an incredible 85 catches, and 9 touchdowns for his 2012 season. On the other end of the spectrum, (formerly a NY Giant) Manningham gathered 42 receptions for a total of 449 yards, rushed for 64 yards on the ground, and had 1 touchdown for his first official 49er season. These two elite receivers would revitalize the 49ers’ offense immensely, giving Kaepernick his extra 1st down opportunities down the field. Crabtree has the ability to run many difficult routes, and once he has the football in his hands, you can tell why he was Kaepernick’s No.1 receiver. Manningham has a tendency to always find a way to get open down the field against pesky secondary defenses. His forte is catching the rock with great precision by the sidelines, generating huge chunks of positive yardage for the 49ers’ offense.

After watching the 49ers’ performance against Seattle, if the passing attack consistently fails to deliver, then the Niners will soon be highlighted as a one-dimensional unit (defense). If Boldin gets injured during the regular season, who will be his replacement before reinforcements (Crabtree, Manningham) arrive?



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  1. I believe an average to good game planning mind would allow the receivers to get open at least in the 10 to 20 yard range-plod down the field if you have to there is no shame in that give the defense a breather control the ball.

    However, and this has been said by experts and fan a like, Harbaugh and Roman fail to generate three dimensional thinking on offense (you would believe they are familiar with a bunch formation similar to inbounding the ball in basketball). I hope this mindlessness does not infect Fangio. The Kid York needs to have a serious talk with Harbaugh and Roman about 49er standards and expectations. This is a repeat offense for these guys.

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    I completely agree with your input Loose Lid. It was just very poor case of planning and schematics from Coach Harbaugh and Greg Roman on the offensive side. I’m sure after the Seahawks game, Roman and Harbaugh received a wake-up call in regards to their offensive schematics.

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