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The TRUTH About San Francisco Fans.

The TRUTH About San Francisco Fans.

I’ve had a bout with the writer’s block lately. But thanks to Malk, I’ve found inspiration and now, in the words of the GREAT Bane, and Ivan Drago: I Must Break You*.

The article about San Francisco sports fans is just baseless and flat out wrong, here are the facts: The Giants are one of a handful of teams to consistently reach 3 million tickets sold every year, something the A’s haven’t done in oh, ever. They sell out every game due to the majority of seats being held by season ticket holders. I mean, the Giants reached 3 Million+ even when they were bad in the Felipe Alou days. The Giants consistently put out a good product, and hold on to personalities that fan bases can get behind. Their ownership exerts good business practices, and makes their stadium and team fun, even when the team is bad.

Just because the Raiders and A’s don’t have competent owners who know how to market their team, doesn’t mean you get to project your abject pain and suffering of being an Oakland sports fan onto two competent franchises who can both field a good team, and reach out to their fan base. I mean, San Francisco fans are some of the most knowledgeable, die hard fans in the country. Hell, the Giants basically have two home stadiums. One in San Francisco, one in San Diego, visiting announcers always comments on how die hard and knowledgeable the San Francisco fan bases are. AND, at AT&T Park, we DON’T do the wave, or have any silly mascot gimmicks like they do in Milwaukee, or Washington, or Atlanta. We have Lou Seal, which is unfortunate, but he at least doesn’t get in the way. Giants tickets are expensive, and yet they consistently sell out.

I actually just read that the A’s are selling tickets on Mt. Davis, congratulations on making the playoffs. Are those fans who buy those tickets bandwagoners?

What is wrong with “bandwagon fans” anyway? Doesn’t that mean that the team you root for is good? San Francisco is a city with a huge demographic of implants from other areas. Why can’t people come here and fall in love with a team that has personality, is really good, and ACTUALLY KEEPS THEIR PLAYERS rather than trading them every two years. And that isn’t even what a “bandwagoner” means. A Bandwagoner is someone who only roots for a team when they are good. Not people who’ve adopted a team in the last few years. Let me remind you again, that the Giants have consistently reached the 3+ Million mark every year since AT&T opened. Also, the remark about “where were Giants fans during the Robby Thompson and Will Clark years?” is completely baseless. There’s a movement among Giants fans to get the Giants to retire Will Clark’s jersey, Number 22, retired. Hell, I wore 22 every year I played baseball BECAUSE of Will Clark. Ask any Giants fan 25 and up about Matt Williams, Will Clark, Robby Thompson, Barry, J.T, Benito Santiago, and they will gush about a certain memory they have of those guys. San Francisco is a Giants town, with hardcore fans like me who will be buried in their orange and black. Let me ask this: How many fans were in the stands at Dallas Bradens perfect game, versus the SOLD OUT Wednesday night game in which Cain pitched his perfecto. How do I know it was sold out? I was there. Who sells out on a Wednesday night?

Yes, the Giants have an excellent marketing department, and a great team of commentators don’t make things worse either. The best marketing the team does is through Kruk and Kuip when they show “melk men” or the people in Panda hats. Yes, Panda hats are lame, but don’t try to tell me that A’s fans don’t have silly gimmicks like banging on drums during a FRICKEN BASEBALL GAME. And really? You’re going to rag on Giants fans for the panda hats and melk men costumes last year? Really? When every Raiders game is like a bizzaro Halloween costume contest? Hell, the Raiders have been more famous in the past decade for Darth Vader showing up at their game, then for how the actual team did. Now THAT is a real fan, right? Darth Vader? If Oakland fans are so hardcore, why is every Raiders home game blacked out due to lack of ticket sales? And I’m also not sure what you’re talking about when you said you didn’t hear a peep from 9ers fans when Dennis Erickson, Mike Nolan and Mike Singletary were coaching horribly. Do you not listen to KNBR? I’m sorry our fans aren’t delusional, I guess. You can still root for a team and be pissed off that they suck, but don’t be delusional about it. I wasn’t writing about how David Carr and Troy Smith gave the Niners hope. I knew they didn’t, but I watched every Sunday anyway. Because that’s what fans do.

Look, I’m all for dialogue, and smack talk between the two sides of the bay. But when you do talk, come with some facts. Don’t just talk about hipsters and faux fair weather fans that all teams, even the Oakland A’s have. And don’t reject someone rooting for your team even though they haven’t for years. The A’s and Raiders need all the fans they can get. Now, excuse me while I get back to my boat shoes and my four barrel coffee at the indy café I’m writing this from in the Richmond, where today, the weather is great.

*By the way, why was there no backlash, or even chatter at all about Bane using that line clearly made famous by Ivan Drago in Rocky IV? But that is for another article.

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  1. And for those who read this article and are still left with a shred of doubt in their minds to the validity of the claims left by the author, here are some sources that should act to educate on you on the matter.



    ^This article just list the most beautiful ball parks in the nation. Ya, thats right, AT&T Park is a true reflection of the San Francisco fan base culture. Beautiful in architecture and magnificent in support.


    ^most loyal fans #4


    ^49ers #12 but the Raiders #32.

    More reports can be listed if needed but if you truly believe that SF doesn’t have down right authentic, loyal, and loud fans then you, my friend, are living on Mars.

  2. Giants games are full of bandwagon fans drinking wine and talking business in the middle of a rally! The fact that they sell tickets doesn’t mean anything in regards to the previous article. A Giants game is the trendy thing to do nowadays (I’m afraid this is what’ll happen to the Warriors in a couple of years). I would estimate that 15k-20k fans are hardcore, which is what Oakland has daily, and the rest got their tickets free from a coworker/employer. 2 WS in last 3 years definitely help and you have to hand it to the marketing team. But how many current “true” fans have ever heard of Kirt Manwaring?

  3. You SF fans just don’t get it. This seems to be the only way you can respond to the issue. Nobody is comparing the bay area teams here. We have love for all bay area teams. This is simply about “BANDWAGON FANS” which are obviously sporting the San Francisco brand. All these flags hanging from peoples cars, where were they a couple years ago? Also, in 2011, I was at the O. Co watching the A’s host the newly crowned champs, the Giants, in an exhibition. It was a friendly day, everyone was welcome. I was with my family. A group of teens, Giants fans of course, were sitting a few rows below us. Before the first pitch, one of them stands up out of nowhere and yells out “F*ck the A’s!’ No one had time for that negativity. I guess we all new it was just some loud mouth band-wagoner who didn’t know what he was saying, cause everyone else just ignored it. But, this is exactly what goes on and it’s just a shame. Dwell on that.

  4. And yes, a lot of us do come from the “hood” and most of us “ghetto people” can’t afford to buy tickets too often so of course you don’t see the sell outs. Best believe were out there representing behind the television and out in public, always.

  5. Profile photo of Steve Fishman

    Who said anything about Ghetto People man?

  6. Just thought I should add that. We can talk about that subject if you want.

  7. The truth? Really? Heres a fact. No way the Giants hit 3mil in Candlestick. So dont say its baseless its a fact or “the TRUTH” Heres another: new stadiums brings out fans. So stop cock blocking San Jose (which was GIVEN to by the the Schott/Hass family out of good faith). …i could keep going, but I’ll leave it at that.

  8. Having lived in San Jose and SF, I can easily say Giants fans in San Francisco are absolutely obnoxious and a vast majority are super bandwagon idiots in panda hats and also let me add, juiced up “melk man” costumes is a lot dumber than darth vador, and I’m not even a raiders fan. I have probably met more level headed knowledgeable Bay Area sports fans in the South Bay and a lot of them are A’s fans. I agree the whole bandwagon issue can go back and forth for days, they are annoying but apart of sports, so we all must deal with it whenever our teams contend. For the most part MALK is an idiot, envious of the 49ers recent success, ignore his propaganda B.S.

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    Well for one thing…the weather in the Richmond has been great lol

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