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One, Two, Three, Four I declare a Twitter War!

One, Two, Three, Four I declare a Twitter War!

Jim Harbaugh

The San Francisco 49ers take on the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday in what many believe will be a game for the ages. There are so many storylines here: The Colin KaepernickRussell Wilson “wager”, the ongoing Jim HarbaughPete Carroll feud, and of course the trash talk spelled out on Twitter. I’m old fashioned when it comes to a lot of things and airing these “threats” on the internet just doesn’t do it for me. What happened to the good old’ days where if you had something to say you’d say it to their face or just let your play on the field do the talking for you?

The 49ers’ Anthony Dixon felt inclined to ruffle some Seahawk feathers earlier this week tweeting, “Extra weight on the racks all week getting less sleep preparing for these She-Hawks”. Then of course we would wait our to turn to see which Seattle player would enter the fray next and that man was Seattle’s linebacker, KJ Wright who also went to Mississippi State with Dixon. He tweeted, “lol the she hawks?? I’ll be sure relay the message to the fellas. It’s gone be a long night for you and the forty whiners.” Ouch talk about harsh. The banter between these two this week has been nothing short of comical. On one side you have Dixon who didn’t even get a single touch in last week’s game against Green Bay and on the other Wright spinning nursery rhymes about the Niners.

I almost want to believe that Dixon is acting on his own here, but why don’t we stir the pot up a little shall we? For those of you familiar with the term “goon” in hockey you know that it’s a player who has the unofficial role as an “enforcer” or someone who protects the teams’ star players. Now Dixon is listed as the fourth running back on the depth chart so he probably won’t be enforcing a whole lot this Sunday night. There is another hockey term that does fit him though, and that’s pest. A pest is a player who attempts to antagonize opponents through physical and/or verbal means. They rely on trash talk and often use illegal to borderline tactics all in the name of incensing the other team and throwing their game off. I think we’ve found our pest for 2013 Niner fans!

There are so many different tactics a team employs during the course of a season, some things known most not known to the masses. Name calling probably won’t throw the Seahawks off their game too much, but if Dixon’s barbs gets into the head of just one player I think he’s done his job just fine.

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