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Upon Further Review: Terrelle Pryor Is Oakland Raiders Only Viable Quarterback

Upon Further Review: Terrelle Pryor Is Oakland Raiders Only Viable Quarterback


There has been a lot of talk about Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor’s performance against the Colts on Sunday. Pryor helped silence his critics by almost leading the Raiders to a victory against a playoff caliber team. Not only did Pryor have a decent game through the air by going 19/29 for 217 yards but he also rushed for 112 yards.

One of the most surprising stats from Sunday’s game was that Pryor was only sacked one time. During the preseason, supposed starting quarterback Matt Flynn seemed to get sacked or flustered every time he dropped back for a pass. While the Raiders offensive line did show some improvement, the lack of sacks can directly be attributed to Terrelle Pyor’s athleticism.

I counted 10 times that Pryor turned a would be sack or quarterback hit into a completion or a run. If Flynn was the starting quarterback on Sunday, the Raiders would have been blown out by the Colts because of Flynn’s inability to avoid the rush. Offensive coordinator Greg Olsen did call some running plays for Pryor but a big chunk of Pryor’s rushing yards came on improvised runs, including his 29 yard scamper in the second quarter.

The problem with Pryor is that he makes dumbfounding throws at the worst possible time. There was no pass rush whatsoever on both of Pryor’s interception throws. In order for Pryor to become a reliable NFL quarterback he must improve his decision making.

Although the Raiders lost a heartbreaking game on Sunday, Pryor showed that he is the only viable starting quarterback for the 2013 Oakland Raiders. I can’t wait to see how Pryor progresses over the next 15 games.


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  1. Pryor did okay – but the RAIDERS motto is … or was … “Just win baby.” In the end he tossed the game-losing INT. I put some blame on Jano’s FG miss, but Pryor continues to make bad decisions at the worst time.

    I was surprised to see that you didn’t even mention Matt McGloin. I know he wasn’t suited for Game 1, but I believe he could be out starting QB and WIN. He did it with a decimated Penn State team last year. He ran Bill O’Brien’s PATRIOTS offense with efficiency and made bold and good decisions.

    I will give TP this … I was very impressed with his after-game interview. He should himself to be a gentleman and a man that accepts responsibility. You could tell he took the loss personally – and I do believe he will do all he can to improve.

    Who knows .. perhaps a win against the toothless Jags will give him and the rest of the team a needed boost of self-confidence.

    Bleeding black-n-silver!

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