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The Captain: Marcel Reece Will Have Big Season

The Captain: Marcel Reece Will Have Big Season

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The Oakland Raiders lone Pro-Bowl player last year Marcel Reece will thrive under the Terrelle Pryor era of Raiders football. Although Reece did have a Pro Bowl season last year, he was not used enough under the failed Greg Knapp regime. Expect Reece to basically play fullback, running back, and tight end throughout the season for the Raiders.

New offensive coordinator Greg Olsen will make the running game a focal point of the offense this season. With the oft-injured Darren McFadden as the starting running back, Olsen must get the ball into other ball carriers hands to avoid another catastrophic McFadden breakdown. Last season when finally called upon to be a running back, Reece had great success running the ball and even had a 100 yard rushing game. Expect Reece to get his fair share of carries this year at running back while backup fullback Jamize Olowale lead blocks for him.

With a crew of unproven tight ends expected to rotate through the starting lineup this year, expect Reece to get the receptions that would usually go to a tight end. The former college wide receiver Reece has shown that he has not lost his pass catching skills in the NFL. With Pryor expected to find his check down receivers quite often Reece will be targeted often. What makes Reece even more dangerous with Pryor at the helm is the fact that Pryor can fake the read-option with McFadden and find Reece open in the flat, where Reece has the speed and strength to get through defenders in the open field.

Marcel Reece must live up to his captain status this year for the Raiders to have any chance to win games.


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  1. Jorge, good article. I agree that the Raiders are ready to turn the corner. My concerns are is who is the best option at QB. Is it Pryor or McGloin. Is it McFadden or Jennings. I know you watched last nights performance by the Bronco’s. Our defense will have to be mistake free and strong in the third game. Do you think Pryor will still be at QB at that time?

  2. Profile photo of Jorge Contreras

    Pryor is the best option at QB this year as he has the highest potential. Darren McFadden is the best RB on the team and we need him to prove he is worthy of resigning at the end of the year. I think Pryor will have the chance be the starter all year long but not sure if he will actually last all 16 games.

  3. Further more, I would like to see Marcel in the slot more, instead of TE. This guy is a nature burner on the field. We need more high spirit, high tempo play. And more heart and fight to win attitude. What do you think? Or do you not answer questions presented to you from the outside. I live in Colorado and a huge Raider fan. I hear it all.

  4. Thank you for your response. The defense has to be strong. And by watching JT press conference he has not shown everything yet. Darren McFadden has to go this year. But it is good we have back up. I still have not heard about Latavious, the rookie.

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    Latavius is out for the year unfortunately. I wish he wasn’t because he could be a beast. Marcel should be lined up everywhere. He would dominate in the slot because his big frame can block defenders from breaking up the short slants.

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