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The TP2 Factor: The Oakland Raiders Are Relevant Again

The TP2 Factor: The Oakland Raiders Are Relevant Again


The other day I was watching SportsCenter and to my surprise they actually had a segment on the Oakland Raiders. I am usually skeptical of anything ESPN does on the Raiders because anytime they mention the Raiders or their fans it is in a condescending tone. However, they spent the segment interviewing quarterback Terrelle Pryor and showing some of his highlights from the preseason. Even San Francisco 49ers fans are buying into the TP2 hype, which is a miracle in itself.

Usually the fourth preseason game is a little watched scrimmage with no significance to either team. However, the Raider Nation should look at Thursday’s game against the Seahawks as one of the most important games of the year. Yeah, I know that the end result won’t matter but Terrelle Pryor’s performance could have an effect on the Raiders long term future.

If Pryor has another outstanding game against the Seahawks, the Raiders brass will have no choice but to start Pryor during the regular season. While no one should expect Pryor to single-handedly lead the Raiders to a playoff run, he will make the Raiders one of the most exciting teams to watch this year. More importantly, the Raiders will give Pryor a yearlong test to see if he is the answer to the Raiders quarterback woes. Oakland Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie has done a great job bringing in young players and getting rid of players with terrible contracts. For the first time in recent memory, the Raiders are setup for long term success, so why not see if Pryor is the man to lead them into the future.

[youtube id=”CDBI7XnVC8s” width=”600″ height=”350″]

We will finally get a chance to see how effective Pryor will be at running the read option with Darren McFadden. Will offensive coordinator Greg Olsen’s new offensive scheme that includes the pistol offense make the Raiders offense more explosive? We will have a year to find out how Pryor will remake the foundation of the new look Oakland Raiders. There will be plenty of bad plays made by Pryor but there will also be some spectacular plays made, that only Pryor could make. Pryor is the second fastest quarterback in the history of the NFL, behind only the notorious Michael Vick ( Vick had a 4.33 40-yard dash compared to Pryor’s 4.36 40-yard dash). What makes Pryor’s athleticism so remarkable is that he stand 6’4 233 pounds compared to Vick who is 6’0 215 pounds. The football world will be intently watching the Oakland Raiders this year because of the presence of the phenom, TP2.

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  1. TP2 is a real talent and my pick for starter -but- with a weak O-line there is a relatively strong probability that he will get hurt. Vick did and he had a better O-line to protect him.

    Defenses will invariably do what they did/do to Vick … their objective is to hit him and h-a-r-d. Scrambling QB’s have to know how to slide, but their nature is not to slide or throw it away but to run. That’s when they get hit and, too often, from the blind side (hint: where we are weakest on the O-line).

    My pennies …
    + TP2 must be our starter
    + TP2 must be coached (repeatedly until it sinks in) when to slide, how to slide, and when to throw it away
    + O-line has to be like RAIDERS O-line of old – if not in abilities, then in attitude. Attitude must = If you try to hurt our QB, we’ll show you the meaning of hurt.

    Most important though: I’ve been rallying for Matt McGloin to be our #2 QB, from the moment he was signed.

    Mark my words here … TP2 WILL get hurt this season (I pray not seriously) and it’ll be up to our #2 to step in and win (not just take up space out there). I’m convinced Matt McGloin can win!

    McG MUST be our #2 QB. Yeah, he’ll make mistakes – just like you wrote that TP2 will make mistakes -but- he will also stretch the defenses with long completions and put points on the board.

    No one in the RAIDERS NATION (fans or writers) are saying anything about the need for a strong #2 AB, in general, or about McGloin, specifically. When I write in on various posts, the usual response is – “don’t know much about McGloin.”

    Well, I’m here to tell you that the young man is a WINNER and a LEADER! He’s smart, he’s got a good arm, and he’s fearless. AND … he led a Penn State team last year that lost almost all of its starts and WON with them. <– this makes him an ideal QB for the Silver-n-Black.

    Can't state this case enough … Make McGloin our #2 QB and get the rest stated above accomplished with TP2!

    Bleed black-n-silver!

  2. This article is written by a fanatic Raider fan who’s so biased it isn’t funny. The reason many Raider fans; which I am one of them; get made fun of is because they hate the truth. Many expectations are comically bad and they think every young player is an up and coming star. Obviously they’ve been wrong for over a decade.

    ESPN rips on the Raiders because for 12 years their draft picks are comically bad and so are their signings. The Raiders are the only team in history with so many consecutive 11 loss seasons and they have gone through the worst stretch of win/loss football in the HISTORY of the NFL. But as a Raider fan you want people to say how good they are and only say nice things.

    Be Real; Pryor can run but right now he can’t throw. This important game you talked about showed it. Pryor and the Raiders couldnt’ score TD’s off of mostly Seattle backups.

    The Raiders are just awful; this might be the worst team in 50 years.

    And I watched McGloin often; he’s mistake prone and has issues reading a zone thus his terrible INT’s. Pryor has potential but he’s a long way from being a good qb. This article is comically a joke. Funny how you like ESPN when they say something good about the Raiders, but when they tell the truth about how bad they are you won’t listen. I picked 4-12 this year but I might be too kind. it’s a bad team; be real when you write or you just sound like any other homer fan

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