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Oakland Raiders Should Cut Matt Flynn

Oakland Raiders Should Cut Matt Flynn


Matt Flynn is not the answer to the Oakland Raiders problems, not now or in the future. Flynn has looked just plain bad in all three preseason games and it is abundantly clear that Flynn is not cut out to be a starting quarterback. There is a reason that Flynn’s former offensive coordinator Joe Philbin did not even consider Flynn to become his quarterback with the Miami Dolphins. Last season, Flynn was thoroughly outplayed by rookie quarterback Russell Wilson which made him expendable for the Seahawks. When Flynn arrived this off-season it looked like he would be the unquestionable starter but his awful play so far should keep him off of the team.

I don’t want to be a sensationalist after just three preseason games but the Oakland Raiders need to find players who have the potential to help them in upcoming years. The 28 year old Flynn is not good enough to help the Raiders win games this year and definitely won’t be good enough in coming years. ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski took a lot of flak from the Raider Nation because of his last place ranking of Flynn, but Jaworski looks like he was right in his assessment of Flynn.

The Raiders first team offense and defense have looked awful so far in preseason but their second team is looking good. Oakland Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie has been living in salary cap hell but he has been able to find diamonds in the rough in the late rounds of the draft and in free agency. Undrafted free agent Matt McGloin has looked pretty good so far in training camp and looks like he should make the 53 man roster. Fellow rookie Tyler Wilson has looked terrible but he should get a chance to learn the Raiders offense for a year.

Third year quarterback Terrelle Pryor has had his up-and-down’s but he looked great against the Bears tonight. Pryor showed that he has the explosive athleticism that few men his size have. When defenses blitz Pryor, he can not only make plays with his feet but he can also improvise enough to make a big throw in the air. When Flynn is getting blitzed he either gets hit or throws the ball away. The 2013 Raiders quarterback will unfortunately be under pressure almost every play, which makes Pryor the obvious choice to become the starter.

The Raiders will have another tough season this year but they finally have hope of a brighter future because of Reggie McKenzie. With up to 70 million dollars in cap room and a plethora of young players, the Raiders should start resembling the Oakland Raiders of old, in the next few years. The 24 year old Pryor has by far the most upside out of any quarterback on the Raiders roster. If Pryor can work on his mechanics and throwing accuracy, he can be one of the most dangerous quarterbacks in the NFL. Rookies Matt McGloin and Tyler Wilson also have a higher upside than Flynn. If the Raiders really want to build for the future, they will cut Matt Flynn before the season starts.

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  1. what terrelle pryor did against the bears was “scramble.” thats a term u hardly hear now days. run away fm defenses and find a spot to get the ball down field. there used to be a guy in the nfl that was the greatest at doin this — his name fran tarkenton. looks like pryor may have watched some old tarkenton videos. in pryor I trust!!! go raiders

  2. If we cut flynn today will we still be on the books to owe him that 6 million we have to pay him this year????

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