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Los Angeles Angels – Weekly Wrap
LA Angels (@Angels)

Los Angeles Angels – Weekly Wrap

LA Angels (@Angels)

LA Angels (@Angels)

After losing three of four to the Yankees and just barely avoiding being swept by the Astros, the Angels’ season is more about finding usable pieces for 2014 than it is about competing in 2013.

The Angels made a couple of minor moves Friday afternoon, designating Billy Buckner for assignment and recalling right-handed reliever Cory Rasmus to take his place on the active roster.  Buckner, who signed a minor league contract with the Angels last November, has pitched in seven games for the big league club this season.  This will mark the third time this season that the Angels have DFA’d the righthander.

The Angels acquired Rasmus on July 29th in the trade that sent Scott Downs to the Braves.  Atlanta drafted Rasmus 38th overall in the 2006 First-Year Player Draft.  He pitched in three games for the Braves earlier this season, but this will be his first time pitching for the Angels’ big league club.  He has spent the last month as a member of the club’s Triple-A affiliate, Salt Lake City.  Rasmus will join a bullpen that ranks 28th in the majors in bullpen ERA and 25th in WAR.

With most looking at the Angels to prepare for next season rather than compete for this season, the Angels will have to decide whether to part with either Jerry Dipoto or Mike Scioscia.  Morosi stated in a tweet that there are “philosophical differences” between Scioscia and Dipoto that are apparently unresolvable.  Scioscia’s long term contract makes it unlikely that the Angels will let him go and given the manager’s track record and the Phillies’ front office, eastern Pennsylvania could be a possible landing spot for Scioscia and the Angels could pursue a trade.  Otherwise, the Angels will have to part ways with Jerry Dipoto, who is just two years into his stint with the club.

Sciosia is one of those guys that could get a manager job anywhere in the league and is highly unappreciated with what he has had to deal with this season.  Weekly, almost daily criticism of Hamilton woes, Pujols’ injuries and the team spending money with mediocre to horrible results, the way Sciosia has handled this team should be praised.  Is it his fault that management spent money on players that don’t necessarily fit his style, I say no.

Bottom line, something clearly needs to change and I believe Sciosia should stay and pull a Don Mattingly, and play the ones who are going to win games, not the ones who make the money.


JA Dukes is a NFL writer for footballandfutbol.com and a Sports Writer for sportsreportsocal.com

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