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Just days before Mr. Kobe Bean Bryant turned 35, the Lakers announced that they will be donning two new alternate jerseys this year, one being black and the other white.  The black jerseys are part of a line for city pride and will say “Hollywood Nights” across the front, and the white alternate will resemble the Golden State Warriors short-sleeved t-shirts that were tested last year for the first time.  Not everybody is a fan of the historic Lakers falling into the fashion shadow but with the rest of the league pushing for these new jerseys the Lakers are not going to be the team to fall behind.

The black jerseys were shown on the Lakers Instagram account yesterday and they are a part of the league’s city pride campaign along with other cities such as Portland and Detroit following as well.  The Lakers have worn black jerseys before but it is not necessarily a fan favorite due to the already distinguishing purple and gold colors.

The white jerseys were announced just a couple days before and they are said to be 26% lighter than the average NBA jersey to help NBA players move better and cool off faster.  The white jerseys will be worn on Christmas Day, and “Noche Latina” but it is unclear when they will choose to show off the new black threads.

Lakers fans are still hoping Kobe can make it back by opening night and lead the team back to the playoffs but realistically it may take a couple extra weeks.  Recently Kobe released video of himself running on a zero-gravity treadmill which is a good sign for Laker fans, as is the pride kicking in from the roster after being projected to be 12th in the West behind the New Orleans Pelicans of all teams.  Black Mamba may be 35 now but his drive to win is as fresh as ever.  Don’t forget that Michael Jordan didn’t win his last title until he was 35.

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