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Glimpse of the Future: A Look at San Francisco Giants Top Prospect Kyle Crick

Glimpse of the Future: A Look at San Francisco Giants Top Prospect Kyle Crick

Kyle Crick

In the premier of BaySports Report’s new series A Glimpse of the Future: A Look at the Top Prospects for the San Francisco Giants, we interviewed the Number One Overall Prospect in the Giants organization, Kyle Crick. The right hander brings it with a Fastball topping out at 97 mph, he’s 1-1 with a 1.75 ERA in San Jose, and his pitching line his last start looked like this: ND, 6IP, 3H, 1ER, 3BB, 10K, 1.75 ERA.

At only 20 years old, Crick has demonstrated that he can have dominant stuff, posting double digit strike outs in consecutive starts, along with a dominant fastball with movement. He is the top prospect in the Giants organization and the way he has been pitching of late could warrant as September call up from the Giants. A move like that, calling up someone from Single-A, while not unprecedented, is still pretty impressive from a guy who was pitching in rookie ball only last season.

I’d just like to take this time to thank the San Jose Giants and Kyle Crick for making my first interview stress free. In case you all were wondering Crick is a good dude, and we hope to see him in the bigs sooner rather than later. So here it is. My interview with Kyle Crick, in what will be a series of interviews with some of the top prospects in the organization. Enjoy:

First question I have is can you describe for me the difference in talent level between Rookie ball, and Single A?”
I’d say in single A, the guys spit on a lot more pitches (take more pitches), pitchers pitches (good pitches), whereas in rookie ball guys will swing at anything. There isn’t too much discipline in rookie leagues. As you move up the (plate) discipline gets better.”

Can you describe how you prepare for every start? What you do in the four days leading up to your start?
“I’d say the biggest thing is staying hydrated, I focus on hydrating a lot and stretching. Those are probably my two biggest things.

“You hear a lot of comparisons to Matt Cain, you certainly have the size, do you think your stuff and pitching style are kind of similar?”
“Yeah, he’s a great guy to look up to for sure but it’s hard to compare yourself to a guy like that, he’s established in the bigs, he’s an ace, it’s an honor, but it’s hard to compare yourself to a guy like that when you’re in A ball.”

So, we all know about your fastball, what other pitches do you keep in your arsenal?
I have a Slider, Curveball and Changeup.

What kind of music is on your ipod right now?
Uh, there’s a band called the Weekend that I’m into, maybe a little Neil Young every now and then, and Ill mix it up a bit with Rhianna every now and then too.

I know you’re from Texas, but are you enjoying San Jose?
Oh yeah man, I like the weather, we haven’t seen rain yet. That’s pretty cool. (Wait till you get to SF!)

How different is California from Texas?
Its just more mild and laid back, the weather is great every day, where I grew up its usually hits 100 with some humidity in the summer time, and that’s when you play most of your ball. You get some humidity here, but nothing too crazy. It doesn’t really get above 80.

Are you superstitious at all, do you have any pregame rituals?
Oh, not really man, just try to listen to music, get a good rhythm going, sometimes I’ll go to Jamba Juice if I’m feeling it, but that’s about it.

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