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Matt McGloin Continues To Impress

Matt McGloin Continues To Impress

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Undrafted rookie free agent Matt McGloin looked like a grizzled veteran in his first professional football game for the Oakland Raiders. The scrappy Scranton kid looked light years ahead of fellow rookie Tyler Wilson and if the trend continues Reggie McKenzie will have no choice but to keep McGloin on the 53 man roster.

The former walk-on at Penn State was not even invited to the NFL combine so his emergence is surprising to everyone. McGloin was an after-thought after mini-camp, but his solid in play at training camp has turned some heads. Having a solid training camp is one thing but looking unrattled in front of thousands of rabid Raider fans is another.

McGloins third quarter touchdown drive was capped off by an amazing catch by fellow promising rookie Brice Butler. McGloin finished his night going 4-7 for 78 yards and a touchdown. What made McGloin’s night  look even better was the terrible night by 4th round pick Tyler Wilson. Wilson looked uncomfortable the whole night and he definitely played like a fourth string quarterback.

If McGloin can keep up the torrid pace over the next three pre-season games and training camp, he will be an Oakland Raider come September. What will the Raiders do with four quarterbacks? Terrelle Pryor looked solid despite an errant interception in the end zone. Not only did Pryor break runs in the read option and pistol offenses, but he also looked sharp throwing the ball. There are a few teams that could use a player like Pryor to run their style of offense, so it would not be a total shock if Pryor plays himself into a trade.


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  1. Matt McGloin played very well, indeed. I would like the Oakland Raiders to trade Pryor to a team that needs his skills, for a nice draft pick if he continues to impress, of course. McGloin is definitely someone who can continue to grow rapidly into his role, considering the success this type of quarterbacks have had in the NFL. The future looks promising for Oakland. Go Raiders!

  2. Personally I hope they don’t trade Pryor, look across the bay to see what a qb with his skillset can do. Plus with his size and speed he could possibly be as good a tight end or receiver as anyone on the roster if used in a slash type of role while he develops at quarterback. He made big progress since last year. He could become a Rich gannon type player running and throwing, another QB that people didn’t want to give a chance, except hes bigger, faster and stronger. Gannon was a MVP that no one thought could be a starter, too soon to give up on him.

  3. What Vic said … and with all due respect to David, I disagree. TP is not Kaper-stud. Pryor appears to me to be another talented athlete, scrambler, with a strong arm – but will continue to make bad decisions in clutch situations – read Randall Cunningham – Donovan McNabb et al.

    I’m a Penn State Alumni who has seen every single game McGloin played in. JoePa didn’t give him a chance – but Coach O’Brien not only gave MattMac the opportunity to shine – he taught him.

    McG acclimated himself to the complicated “Patriot” playbook like it was written for him. Brady couldn’t have done a better job.

    I replied here last week – before beating the Cowboys and I said – watch this kid McG. I’m saying it again.

    And if the RAIDERS front office reads this – RM – trade TP and get something for him – and – keep McGloin holstered but locked and loaded in case Flynn falters.

    McG could be our Joe Montana!

    WE ARE!

  4. trade pryor? what the heck are you all smoking? he brings another demension to the QB position…wow

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