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The winds of change are blowing..San Francisco Giants Should Call-Up Gary Brown

The winds of change are blowing..San Francisco Giants Should Call-Up Gary Brown



There’s something strange going on in San Francisco, most notably at AT&T Park. The San Francisco Giants aren’t winning games at home like years past, and to make matters worse they are even worse on the road. Talk radio here in The City is blowing up with calls from fans clamoring for change and giving suggestions for what the Giants need to do. Fans aren’t experts by any stretch but I think the fans are onto some pretty slick ideas. One idea in particular I had today-who can we call up from the minor leagues and plug into the lineup for instant results? Today’s player focus: Gary Brown.

Gary Brown was drafted by the Giants in the 1st round of the 2010 MLB Amateur Draft (24th overall). His name has been tossed around so much that I’m very surprised he hasn’t even received one call up to the major leagues in his three plus years of minor league service. To put things into perspective, Mike Kickham the Giants 6th round selection in the same draft has even logged some Major League innings this year. Some will argue that the pitching staff needed some rotation help once Ryan Vogelsong went down to injury but when Kickham got roughed up in every game he appeared in it was obvious he wasn’t ready for the big time.

I believe if the Giants were to call up Gary Brown he would provide an instant kick in the rear for this team, be a solid leadoff hitter, and play some awesome defense out in center field. Angel Pagan is supposed to return to action around September 1st, but why not just rest him up the rest of this season and see what Brown can accomplish here. September 1st is also ironically the day the MLB rosters expand to 40 men. All signs point to this being a no brainer: Gregor Blanco and Andres Torres have gone a combined 4-46 in their last 10 games. There has been absolutely zero production on their end. Marco Scutaro has filled in nicely at the top of the lineup but why not slide him back down and insert Brown to leadoff.

There is nothing but positives that can be taken out of the Brown experience. He’s a great hitter that can get on base and once there will be a terror on the base pads with his speed. In case everyone is wondering the kid is fast…very fast. So c’mon Giants what is there to lose this season? The time of talk saying Gary Brown just isn’t ready is nearing an end, the winds of change are blowing here in San Francisco.


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  1. Let’s clear up the statement that Brown is a great hitter who can get on base. First Brown is hitting .232 at Fresno with a .291 OBP and 113 strike outs. On the other hand Peguero is hitting .313 with a .356 OBP and Perez is hitting .306 with a .341 OBP at Fresno. While the assumption that Brown is the center fielder in waiting he first has to show he can actually hit which he has not at any level of minor league ball.

    While Blanco and Torrres have failed miserably this year they should look to bring up either Peguero or Perez before Brown. As with Kieschnick who is played right field in the minors but is now the left fielder for the Giants when both Peguero and Perez were brought up earlier this year they showed they can play defense and either could adapt to center.

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    What’s there to clear up? You want to throw numbers around like they mean something? Well here’s some numbers for you. Brown has played 113 games with 461 at bats. Peguero has 54 games with 211 at bats. Perez has 84 games with 320 at bats. So by your numbers Peguero and Perez deserve a call up over Brown because they have better averages with significantly less games and at bats. Can’t say that I agree with that. Gary Brown hasn’t hit at any level of minor league ball? 2011 in San Jose he hit .336 with an OBP of 407. Are those not good numbers? I like how you said they (Peguero and Perez) could show they can adapt to center and play defense but you failed to mention their offensive numbers. Peguero in 32 career major league at bats has compiled a .188 avg. Perez in 42 career major league at bats has a .238 avg. The Giants know what they get with these two players pretty good defense not a whole lot of anything else. They don’t know what Brown can do for them and that’s why he should get a call up more than anything else.

  3. I have to agree with this idea. With the shape the team is in, they are in the market to move players around if necessary. Calling Brown up makes trades like moving Pence possible because you can shift Torres or Blanco to right (giving you a fast outfield as well as acquiring pieces for next season). You might counter argue that we’ll lose action in what are already poor power numbers. From last year when he still donned the Phillies uni till this point in time, his HR and RBI totals are destined for a decline while his K’s are projected to rise this year. We might as well get value and prepare for the next campaign when we are last in the division and realistically out of it even though mathematically we aren’t yet.

  4. Thursty woo and David Santos, the both of you are clueless, Gary Brown can’t hit at the AAA level, what makes you think he can hit at the major league level? Bob Gorham, you know what you’re talking about.

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